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The Foundation is a 501-3C organization that provides grants to support research in Life Care Planning. The mission statement of the Foundation is designed sufficiently broad to allow for a substantial range of research as long as it benefits Life Care Planning and the disabled population which it serves. Dr. Sherie Kendall is the research director for the Foundation. She is a Medical Neuro-biologist and an NIH Research Fellow. With her help two types of grants are awarded by the Foundation. Monetary grants providing cash support to research and non-monetary grants providing support in research methodology, research design and statistical analysis. In the first four years of its existence the foundation has provided support to three doctoral dissertations, two master’s theses and eight research projects. Two dissertations and one master’s thesis are complete. Seven research projects are complete and have been published in peer-reviewed journals. A number of other projects are still in progress and we continue to receive a growing number of grant applications.

The Foundation maintains affiliations with several Universities including the University of Florida, Georgia State University, Virginia Commonwealth University and Kaplan University. We are expanding our working affiliations with rehabilitation facilities and Universities as opportunities present themselves.

Community support from those working with the disabled and with the Life Care Planners will allow us to join together to accomplish the research necessary to continually improve this critical tool in service to the disabled population.

I hope you will join us at our annual International Symposiums on Life Care Planning each year as one forum for observing the presentation of research outcomes by many of our grant recipients. In the meantime we will continue to post publications by these same researchers and intermittently we will be posting updates on their research in progress.

I also hope you will consider supporting the Foundation with your donation. A list of our corporate and individual donors is available on this website. Feel free to discuss your questions with a Board Member or contact me by e-mailing the Foundation at [email protected]. You may also reach me by calling 407-977-3223. For all of those who have already shared their very generous support through their donations of money as well as volunteering their time on the Foundations committees I want to express the appreciation of the Board and my personal and sincere thanks.

Paul M. Deutsch Ph.D., CRC., CCM., CLCP, FIALCP
Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

FLCPR Fund Raising Chair
Carol Walker, PhD, ABPP-CN, CLCP, MSCC, CFE
[email protected]

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