International Symposium on Life Care Planning

Minneapolis, MN
Atlanta, GA
Denver, CO
Scottsdale, AZ
Chicago, IL
Orlando, FL
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Sponsored by:
The Foundation for Life Care Planning Research
The International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals/
International Academy of Life Care Planners
The Care Planner Network
Institute of Rehabilitation Education and Training
Symposiums coordinated by:
Sheri Jasper 2004 - 2010
Rusudan Gogoberidze 2010 - 2015 (Volunteer)
Dawn Thomas 2011 - 2012
Tamar Gogoberidze 2012 - 2015
Exhibitors coordinated by:
Cathy Breneman 2004 - 2015
1st Voice
A Fashion Hayvin, Inc.
Absolute Care Planning LLC
Accessibility Design, Inc.
All-In-One Accessibility
Beechwood Rehabilitation Services
Belvedere Brain Injury Program
BethHarold Home Health Care
BiOM Inc
Biotech Medical, LLC
Brightsun Technologies, Inc.
Brookhaven Hospital
Capital University Law School
Center for Community Independence, Inc.
Center for Discovery
CNS Innovations
Computer Methods/LifeCareWriter.Com
CORE Health Care
Cortland Community Re-Entry Program
David Corey Company
Definiti Healthcare Management
Enterpriz Economic Consulting
Experts in Home Health Management
Family Network on Disabilities
Fast Track
FIG Services
First Capital Surety & Trust Company
Fluent MSA Systems
Foundation for LCPR
Frangeli Consutling & Design
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
Gould & Lamb
Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia, Inc.
Hanger Clinic
Harison Heights
Healing Stones Jewelry
Hill-Rom at Home
Hope Network Rehab Services
Independence Technology/A Johnson & Johnson Company
In-Home Products Inc.
Integrity, LNC
International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
Jewelry by Nurses
K.P. Underwriting LLC
Lakeview Neuro Rehabilitation Center
LCP Stat
Learning Services Corporation
Legal Nurce Systems, LLC
Leslie L.Watson
Lighthouse Neurological Rehab, Inc
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Maxim Healthcare Services
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Mentor ABI Services
Mobility Suppport Systems
Morgan Chase Trust Company
National Nurses in Business Association
Neuro International
Neurological Case Management Associates
Occupational Assessment Services
Opportunities Unlimited
Orion Medical Group
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PHI Air Medical
Physician Life Care Planning
Professional Case Management
Progressive Health of PA
Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers
Rehab Equipment Consulting
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ResCare Premier Rehabilitation
Rescare Rehab Without Walls
Restore Neurobehavioral Center
ReWalk Robotics
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Saddle Point Software
Shepherd Center
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Texas Neurorehab Center
The Complete MSA Training Course
Therapeutic Communities LLC
Transitional Learning Center
True Link Fin.
United Seating & Mobility
University fo Texas-Pan American
Walton Rehabilitation Health System

Resource Links

Reliability and Validity for Life Care Planners - Why are we, as clinical practitioners, interested in research aimed at validating the process of life care planning?

Reading and Interpreting Life Care Planning Literature - The professional should be prepared to critically evaluate a study reported in the literature and apply that new knowledge to their professional practice and future investigative endeavors.

Ethics in Research - As practitioners and researchers, we have a responsibility to protect the research subject from potential harms . . .

Introduction to Evidence-based Practice - The practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research.

Locating Practice Guidelines - When seeking clinical practice guidelines specific to the patient with whom you are working, you may begin your search in the following ways:

Sources of Research Information - There are numerous resources available to life care planners, but professionas need to know where information exists . . .